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  "To have a great idea, have a lot of them." Thomas Edison
who am i ?
is allowing yourself to make mistakes CREATIVITY
is knowing which ones to keep
MY SKILLS what do i do ?

My creative and strategic ideas are my best assets.

Constantly inspired by your projects, we can develop together the best strategies for your future!


By analysing your needs, doing surveys in your world,

and creating a personalised people and media network around

our common ideas, we design a fundament

to make your project grow.


I cooperate with some the best graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, web designers, directors,

copy writers, and many other talents that I have met and worked with during my outstanding career.


Discover my past, present and future ideas, and feel free

to contact me in order to develop new ideas together.



Hello, my name is Daniel Vinkowski.

You might know my voice from my radio days,

or you might have seen my face on television.

These where great challenges in my life, where I had the opportunity

to meet thousands of people, in games, events, interviews, on stage,

during castings and meetings.


All these experiences brought together made me return to my roots, i.e. ideas, creativity communication and design.


Nowadays many people ask me “what do you do?”.

 And the answer comes easy... Welcome to my new website,

take a look around, or just contact me to find out more about me and my talents, that I would like to share with you.









" take a look at and listen to my work and get your own impression "
For the brand new One More Tattoo website that we created together with Marion Thill and the One More team, we produced several artist portraits with award winning director/producer Andy Lamesch. Click here to watch a portrait of Richard Sorensen, talking about himself, his work and his art.


"travelling to great cities like bangkok feeds my inspiration with fresh ideas"

I have known Marion since my childhood. In the 80’s, during our pirate radio adventure, we developed our first creative projects. Later on, we had our own shows on RTL Radio Luxembourg. In the 90’s we helped giving birth to Eldoradio and making it popular. Finally we also created huge popular happenings and events like the “Best of Awards” and many more.

A of today, we organise cultural events and exhibitions in Luxembourg and London.


I have met Pascale during my Art School years. I fell in love immediately with her way of illustrating. Even when Pascale left Luxembourg to study, work and live in the Brussels area we always kept in touch and created for example mascots for Eldoradio or Caramba Cinemas. As of today she illustrates books and creates comic personalities on paper as well as puppets. Pascale is able to transform any idea into a living creature.


I have met Claude when I started my cinema adventure in the year 2008. Since then I have always been fascinated by the way he can capture the greatest moments in a picture. Claude has a unique talent to approach and motivate people in order to shoot the perfect picture, be it a new talent he just discovered, a famous person or the audience. This photographer makes everybody a star for the moment. But Claude can also surprise on how intense he shows places, buildings and events true to his very own personal photographic eye.


I have met Andy during my short T.TV adventure. At that time every journalist and producer was focused on his talents as a cameraman and editor. He is able to film and edit dynamic, passionate and captivating quality features in a very short time.

As a lover of extreme sports and creative adventurer he lets nobody interfere with his ideas and his work, which makes him one of the most recognised director talents in Luxembourg today.

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